Regret and Reconciliation

Sound of tidal waves leads you to a place

Lets you embrace what you could’ve chased

Time has run out, thin was the air

Near a beach house, there lay the ayre


What do you want, hey, Mr. Sleek Hair?

I have nothing I’ve hidden from you

Are you trying to flaunt, leave me in despair?

Perhaps just rushing to leave my view askew?


I lost a child, my precious baby boy

Only it feels like he was still in my arms

I smiled, I reconciled; I toyed, I decoyed

Still it’s dreamlike that I’ll be unharmed


Those months of travail left no mark

The man neither cared nor he asked

One piece of folktale of wishing fantasies or whatnot, ever to spark

And talk of prayers, a poem at last


Maybe you’re right that I was wrong

And no wrong can be undone, except for maybe yours

I turned aside to a world where I belong

Where midnight sun shined brighter than whatever you’ve ever scored

Regret and Reconciliation

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